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In order to guard against corrupted downloads/installations, it is highly recommended to verify the signature of the release bundles against the public KEYS used by the MojoHaus developers.

Production Plugins

The following plugins have been released and are generally available for production use. However after the move from Codehaus to MojoHaus a lot of plugins have not been migrated (yet), so when the issue tracking is missing, the plugin has not been migrated: if you want to migrate a plugin to contribute, please ask on the mailing list.

Plugin Version Description Issue tracking
Application Server Plugins that support integration with application servers.
jboss-packaging central Packages various JBoss deployable archive files including AOP, ESB, HAR, SAR, and Spring. GitHub
was6 central IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.x, 7 & 8.x support. -
weblogic central Supports various tasks within the Weblogic 8.1, 9.x, 10.x, 12.x environment. -
Generators / Compilers / Translators Plugins providing support for code generation, compilation and translation.
antlr central Process ANTLRv2 grammars. -
aspectj central Weaves aspects with AspectJ. GitHub
axistools central Axis wsdl2java and java2wsdl support. GitHub
castor central Source generation with Castor XML. GitHub
commons-attributes central Source generation for Commons Attributes. -
GWT central GWT. GitHub
hibernate3 central Integration with Hibernate 3.x -
idlj central Process IDL files into Java sources. -
javacc central Process JavaCC grammars. GitHub
jaxb2 central Generates Java classes from XML Schemas (and binding files) and creates XML Schemas from annotated Java classes, using JAXB2. GitHub
jaxws central JAX-WS wsgen/wsimport tooling support. GitHub
jpox central Support for JPOX JDO. -
jslint central Provides fast and efficient JSLint code validation when developing JavaScript applications. -
js import central Provides Maven dependency management for JavaScript applications. -
jspc central Provides support for JSP compilation. -
rmic central Generates rmi (Remote Method Invocation) stub and skeleton classes. -
sablecc central Process SableCC grammars. -
sqlj central Translates SQLJ source code to Java source code. GitHub
xdoclet central Provides XDoclet functionality to Maven. -
Reporting Plugins which generate reports.
clirr central Checks Java libraries for binary and source compatibility with older releases. GitHub
cobertura central Code coverage via Cobertura. GitHub
l10n central The Localization Tools Maven Plugin helps with internationalization and localization of your projects. GitHub
scmchangelog central Simple Reporter that creates a changelog report using comments and tags from Subversion. -
taglist central Generates a report on various tags found in the code. GitHub
javancss central Source measurement suite for Java. GitHub
jdepend central Generates JDepend reports. GitHub
Testing Plugins which support testing.
codenarc central Generate CodeNarc report against Groovy source code. -
findbugs central Generates a FindBugs report. GitHub
fitnesse central Fully integrated standalone wiki, and acceptance testing framework. -
selenium central Supports automated web-application testing. -
webtest central Supports automated web-application testing using Canoo WebTest -
chronos-jmeter central Execute performancetests with jmeter and analyze the results. -
chronos-surefire central Analyze time spent in unittests used to measure performance -
chronos-report central Create reports of performance testresults. -
Tools Miscellaneous tools available through Maven.
animal-sniffer central Verifies classes against API signatures. GitHub
appassembler central Generates bin and Java Service Wrapper scripts for Java applications. GitHub
build-helper central Miscellaneous goals to support build process. GitHub
buildnumber central Creates unique build number for each build. GitHub
buildplan central Inspects the lifecycle of your project. GitHub
cassandra central Mojo's plugin for Apache Maven to allow controlling Apache Cassandra. GitHub
ditaot central Support for DITA transformations using DITA Open Toolkit. GitHub
exec central Execution of system and Java programs. GitHub
flatten central Flattens your pom.xml before install or deploy. GitHub
keytool central Manipulates keys and keystores. GitHub
latex central Builds PDF documents from LaTeX, BibTeX and such. GitHub
license central Tools to deal with licenses and thirdparties of a maven project. GitHub
mrm central Hosts a mock Maven Repository Manager for use when integration testing Maven plugins. GitHub
ounce central Perform Ouncelabs Ounce code security scans. -
rpm central Assembles files into an RPM package. GitHub
siteskinner central Apply a new skin on a published site generated by Maven GitHub
sql central Execution of SQL statements. GitHub
templating central Filters sources the Maven Right Way. GitHub
tidy central Sorts the sections of a pom.xml into the canonical order. GitHub
truezip central Manipulates archive files. GitHub
versions central Supports various tasks for updating the versions of components in the POM. GitHub
vfs central Maven plugin for Apache Commons Virtual File System (VFS). GitHub
wagon central Transfer files between URLs. GitHub
xml central XML transformation and validation. GitHub

Pre-release Plugins

The following are pre-releases of plugins. They have had releases, but are not deemed ready for production use yet.

Plugin Version Description
Generators / Compilers / Translators Plugins providing support for code generation, compilation and translation.
apt central Annotation Processing Tool.
cbuilds central Convert Autoconf projects into RPMs.
enchanter central Execute expect like scripts over telnet/ssh sessions.
jspc central Support for JSP compilation w/pluggable JSP compiler implementations.
native central Compile C and C++ sources.
retrotranslator central Translates JDK 5.0 classes to be compatible with a 1.4 JVM.
servicedoc central Generates nice REST Documentation from JAX-RS
smc central State Machine Compiler.
springws central Spring ws plugin for extracting .wsdl files.
IDEs Plugins that support integration with integrated developer environments.
ideauidesigner central Intellij IDEA form generation.
Reporting Plugins which generate reports.
dashboard central Aggregate results from Checkstyle, Cobertura, Clover, Surefire, PMD, CPD, FindBugs, Taglist reports.
docbook central Support for Docbook transformations.
emma central EMMA plugin for Maven 2.
jdiff central Generates JDiff report.
Scripting Plugins which support script languages.
javascript tools central A set of tools to bring maven support to JavaScript developers.
jruby central JRuby scripting support for Maven.
Testing Plugins which support testing.
dbunit central Support for using DbUnit.
Tools Miscellaneous tools available through Maven.
batik central Rasterizes SVGs using Apache Batik.
dbupgrade central Incremental Database Upgrade.
ianal central "I am not a lawyer."
jalopy central Formats java source files following a coding convention.
jasperreports central Compiles Jasper Report Design Files.
native2ascii central Converts text file encodings.
nsis central Utilizes the NSIS command line installer script compiler to generate a Windows installer exe from a setup.nsi script.
osxappbundle central Bundles Maven projects as OS X applications.
properties central Read and write properties files.
ship central Helps shipping releases when doing Continuous Deployment.
solaris central Creates System V packages.
unix central Creates packages for all common UNIX platforms.
webminifier central Provides JavaScript and CSS minification for Maven projects.
webstart central Prepare webstart applications.

Plugin Graveyard

These are plugins which been deprecated or are no longer being maintained.

Plugin Description
antlr3 Superseded by Maven plugin for ANTLR V3.
failsafe Moved to Maven Failsafe Plugin.
groovy Moved to GMaven.
jboss Superseded by JBoss AS7 Deployment Plugin
jboss-sar Deprecated use the jboss-packaging plugin instead.
jetty Superseded by Mortbay official Jetty maven plugin.
lesscss Moved to LESS CSS Maven Plugin at GitHub.
minijar Added as minimizeJar parameter to the maven-shade-plugin.
platform-detector Deprecated use the rpm-cbuild:platform-detect goal instead.
project-sources Deprecated use wagon-maven-plugin or maven-dependency-plugin instead.
netbeans-freeform NetBeans has developed its own Maven support:
nb-repository-plugin Moved to Apache NetBeans (incubator) :
nbm-maven-plugin Moved to Apache NetBeans (incubator) :
openjpa Moved to and maintained by the Apache OpenJPA project:
rat Moved to the Apache Creadur Project.
remote-source Deprecated use wagon-maven-plugin or maven-dependency-plugin instead.
shade Moved to the official Maven plugins and is now maintained as Maven Shade Plugin.
shitty Superseded by the official Maven Invoker Plugin.
sysdeo-tomcat Superseded by Eclipse WTP
tomcat Moved to the official Maven plugins and is now maintained in The Tomcat Project : tomcat-maven-plugin
wsdl2java Deprecated use the axistools-maven-plugin instead.
xfire Deprecated use the Maven cxf plugins instead.
xmlbeans Superseded by XmlBeans Maven Plugin.
xslt Deprecated use the xml-maven-plugin instead.