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Submitting a Plugin

This document describes the steps for submitting a plugin to the MojoHaus project. These steps might not apply to everyone, but should be a general guideline.

Subscribe to the developer mailing list and ask if there is an interest in the plugin. If there is an interest, package the plugin in a tarball or a zip file, create an issue for the component "Plugin Submission" in our issue tracker and attach the source code there. Make sure that you try to follow our development guidelines.

Once accepted it will be put in the sandbox so all mojo-committers can continue to develop and maintain it. A new Mojo component will be added in Jira so everybody can create issues and provide patches. The plugin will generally be kept in the sandbox until the first release of the plugin is made.

Note that you will not automatically become a committer on the project. If you stick around and keep on maintaining the plugin we'll most likely grant you commit rights once we feel comfortable with you and your work.