Maven 2 JavaNCSS Plugin

JavaNCSS is a source measurement suite for Java which produces quantity & complexity metrics for your java source code.

This plugin provides the capability to run the JavaNCSS tool on your Maven 2 project sources and produce an html report. Optionally you can fail the build whenever one of the metrics goes beyond a fixed limit.

By default, JavaNCSS version 33.54 is used.

Many thanks to Clemens Lee and the many contributors to the JavaNCSS project for producing this tool for all to use.

Goals Overview

  • javancss:report Generates a report of quantity and complexity metric on your code.
  • javancss:check Check if your source code has a CCN or NCSS value too high, fails the build if so.


Instructions on how to use the Maven 2 JavaNCSS plugin can be found on the usage page.


To provide you with better understanding of some usages of the Maven 2 JavaNCSS plugin, you can take a look into the following examples:

Sample report

If you want to take a look at the kind of reports this plugin is able to generate, you can view some examples here: