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About Mojo

  1. Why was the MojoHaus project created?
  2. How can we communicate?
Why was the MojoHaus project created?

Well, this allows a bunch of people, not necessarily involved with the Maven project, to come along and build some plugins. They are free to look after just that plugin, though I hope that they'll get involved in the community of people here and work on other plugins as well as help maintain the common infrastructure like the site.

Maven plugins may also be developed here because they are not compatible with the Apache license. Plugin authors may choose to use other licenses (BSD, GPL, MPL ...) to license their work or may be forced to because of the nature of the plugin and its dependencies. These plugin authors are responsible for working with their plugins license but the mailing lists are a great place to get help if people get confused on what can or can not be done within the mojo project.


How can we communicate?
  • Use the mailing list where possible as more people can get involved and so an archive is available.
  • If it is specific to a plugin, prefix the subject with the plugin name, e.g. [jalopy].
  • Try and summarise and send it to the list if there was some decisions were made there.