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Using Plugin Dependencies Instead of Project Dependencies

Ocassionally it is desirable to execute a Java class without affecting your project's dependencies. For example, if you are using the Maven csharp plugins, adding Java dependencies to your project will upset the csharp compiler. Therefore the Exec Maven Plugin allows you specify dependencies of your executable class as plugin dependencies. Since Maven takes plugin dependencies into consideration when determining build order for a multi-module project your build order should automatically be appropriately adjusted (I think).

If you specify your executable class dependencies as plugin dependencies, you may end up with extraneous undesirable dependences required by the Exec Maven Plugin but not by your executable class. If this causes a problem, or if you simply prefer to avoid the extraneous dependencies you can use the <executableDependency> configuration element. The <executableDependency> element allows you to identify the particular artifact in the list of the plugin's dependencies which contains your executable class. The Exec Maven Plugin will ensure that only the selected artifact identified by the <executableDependency> configuration element and the selected artifact's transitive dependencies are used when the mainClass is executed.

Although the use of the <executableDependency> configuration element will prevent the Java class being executed from seeing extraneous classes, the Exec Maven Plugin itself will still see all of the plugin dependencies. For example if your executable Java class has a dependency upon a brand new version of org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-utils and you specify this as a plugin dependency then the Exec Maven Plugin, which already has a transitive dependency upon org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-utils, will end up using the brand new version you explictly supplied. It is unlikely you will encounter a situation where this will be a problem, but hopefully this knowledge will help you diagnose such a problem if it occurs. None of this is relevant unless you're using the plugin dependencies for your executable (includePluginDependencies=true).

Example POM Configuration using Plugin Dependencies