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Mojo's AspectJ Maven Plugin

This plugin weaves AspectJ aspects into your classes using the AspectJ compiler ("ajc"). Typically, aspects are used in one of two ways within your Maven reactors:

  • As part of a Single Project, implying aspects and code are defined within the same Maven project. This is the simplest approach to start out with; feel free to examine the "Examples: Single-project AspectJ use" to better understand single-project use.
  • As part of a Multi-module Maven Reactor where one/some project(s) contains aspects and other projects within the Maven reactor contain code using the aspects ("woven by the aspects"). This is a more complex and powerful approach, best suited when several Maven projects should be woven by a common set of aspects. The "Examples: Multi-module AspectJ use" contains a basic walkthrough of this approach.

The AspectJ Maven Plugin delegates most of its work to the AspectJ dependencies included within the plugin. (Refer to for descriptions and documentation about AspectJ itself).