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Webstart Maven Plugin

The Webstart Maven Plugin generates application bundles that can be deployed via Web Start. The plugin can be used to prepare standalone Web Start applications or Web Start applications bundled in WAR files (with or without Sun's Download Servlet). It handles the generation of JNLP files and optional version.xml files, using Velocity templates. It also handles the selection and preparation of the dependencies, performing signing, unsigning and Pack200 compression when required.

Although not yet at version 1.0, the plugin is approaching maturity and can be used in a production environment.

It requires Maven 2 (version 2.0.6 or later) to work correctly.

Changes since 1.0-beta-4

To use with jdk >= 1.7u45

See the FAQ for more informations. Fixed in MWEBSTART-213

Use a keystore from an url

You can now use a keystore in classpath, or more generally from a url. Fixes in MWEBSTART-39

Note since version 1.0-beta-3

The groupId of the plugin has been changed from org.codehaus.mojo.webstart to org.codehaus.mojo. Please fix this in your pom before using the 1.0-beta-3 (or later versions).


  • JNLP file generation where information is inserted into a user defined Velocity template. Inbuilt default templates
  • Transitive dependencies
    • Possibilities to include/exclude dependencies
  • Key generation (thanks to the Keytool Api)
  • JAR signing and signing verification
  • Unsign already signed JARs
  • Pack200 support for compressed versions of the JAR files resulting in faster network downloads of your Webstart application
  • Pluggable API for JAR signer

Long time users: upgrading from older releases

Settings are incompatible with 1.0-alpha-1 ! See the upgrade documentation.

New users: getting started

Read the cookbook recipe.


Instructions on how to use the Webstart Maven Plugin can be found on the usage page.


To provide you with a better understanding of some usages of the Webstart Maven Plugin, the documentation contains several examples. See the menu on the left.