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JAX-WS Maven Plugin

This plugin contains Maven adapter for JAX-WS's toolset.

The original code was developed in the Codehaus Mojo project, then as of March 2007, the project moved to jax-ws-commons with version 1.x in org.codehaus.mojo groupId and version 2.x in org.jvnet.jax-ws-commons groupId.

In September 2015, for version 2.4, it went back to MojoHaus (the new home of Codehaus Mojo) in org.codehaus.mojo groupId.


Instructions on how to use the JAX-WS Maven Plugin can be found here.

Goals Overview

  • jaxws:wsimport: generates JAX-WS portable artifacts used in JAX-WS clients and services. The tool reads a WSDL and generates all the required artifacts for web service development, deployment, and invocation.
  • jaxws:wsimport-test: same as jaxws:wsimport but for tests.
  • jaxws:wsgen: reads a service endpoint implementation class and generates all of the portable artifacts for a JAX-WS web service.
  • jaxws:wsgen-test: same as jaxws:wsgen but for tests.