Generated Structure

Directory Structure for Program

If you have created a script based on the following configuration:


The generated folder structure look like the following. There you have the appassembler folder which is defined by the assembleDirectory parameter and the bin folder which is defined by binFolder parameter. The repo folder contains the dependencies of the current project. The name of the repository can be changed by the repositoryName parameter whereas the layout of the repository within can be influenced by using repositoryLayout.

`-- target
    `-- appassembler
        |-- bin
        |   |-- basic-test
        |   `-- basic-test.bat
        `-- repo
            `-- org
                `-- codehaus
                    `-- mojo
                        `-- appassembler-maven-plugin
                            `-- it
                                `-- platforms-test
                                    |-- 1.0-SNAPSHOT
                                    |   |-- maven-metadata-appassembler.xml
                                    |   `-- platforms-test-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
                                    `-- maven-metadata-appassembler.xml