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Using the Inbuilt Velocity Templates

As described in the usage, the JNLP mojos depend on Velocity templates. If you don't provide one, an inbuilt template will be picked up. They are accessible below for reference.

Use your own templates

If you do want to provide your own template, consider placing it in the default location (see the templateDirectory parameter) to minimize the plugin configuration.

You can then sue the default names:

  • jnlp-template.vm for JNLP Mojos template
  • extension-template.vm for JNLP Mojos extension template
  • servlet-template.vm for JNLP Download Servlet Mojo template

Use your own templates (by each jnlp file)

You can also provide a directory or/and template for each jnlp, extension and servlet file by filling the inputTemplateResourcePath and inputTemplate in the Jnlp/Extension config.