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Goal which sets project properties for changeSet and changeSetDate from the current Mercurial repository.


  • Requires a Maven project to be executed.
  • The goal is thread-safe and supports parallel builds.
  • Since version: 1.0-beta-4.
  • Binds by default to the lifecycle phase: initialize.

Optional Parameters

Name Type Since Description
scmDirectory File 1.0 Local directory to be used to issue SCM actions
Default value is: ${basedir}.
User property is: maven.changeSet.scmDirectory.
skip boolean 1.3 Whether to skip this execution.
Default value is: false.
User property is: maven.buildNumber.skip.

Parameter Details


Local directory to be used to issue SCM actions
  • Type:
  • Since: 1.0
  • Required: No
  • User Property: maven.changeSet.scmDirectory
  • Default: ${basedir}


Whether to skip this execution.
  • Type: boolean
  • Since: 1.3
  • Required: No
  • User Property: maven.buildNumber.skip
  • Default: false